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Don't Sacrifice Time to Save Money!

You might be surprised to know that Laser Toner is your highest office supply expense. This is often the first starting point when companies are trying to cut expenses. But at what cost?

13X Time IncreaseBe very aware of what to expect if you chose to try common, Split Hopper, remanufactured cartridges. In an analysis of one company's experience as they tried to move away from high-cost OEM cartridges to low-cost split hopper remans, we found that the additional time spent by their IT department just dealing with cartridge related issues was overwhelming and caused more important IT projects to be sidelined. Avoidable toner cleanup is a poor use of your IT Department's time and resources!

Look at a comparison between OEM, CCS Certified, and Common Remanufactured toner cartridges and you'll see why CCS is the best of both worlds: OEM quality AND lower Reman prices AND environmental responsibility. CCS is truly Savings Without Sacrifice!

If you truly want to save time and money, switch to High-Yield CCS cartridges. With an average 16% higher yield than OEM cartridges, CCS High Yield cartridges are less expensive, are better quality, and you don't have so many interuptions in your workday, breaking your focus, just to find, order, inventory, install, and recycle lower yield print cartridges!

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