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Sustainability Officers

BethMaybe being ‘green’ [environmentally friendly] [saving the environment] has been your lifelong goal, or maybe your company has decided to implement a Corporate Social Responsibility or Sustainability strategy or you are tasked with a corporate mandate; either way, CCS is here to help you become more environmentally friendly by:

  • Saving you time: by helping you make educated decisions on laser printer cartridges
  • Saving the environment: we have a Zero Landfill Initiative
  • Saving money: learn the value of used cartridges
  • ISO 14001 compliance for your reporting

CCS has an extensive history as a good steward of our environment. We have over two decades of R&D perfecting our proprietary manufacturing process that is 400% more effective in reducing waste than our competitors. We will assist you in implementing a sustainability program you can be proud of, one that will positively influence your triple bottom line: People, Planet, Profit.

One other thing, look at manufacturers' documentation regarding the amount of Post-Consumer recycled content that they really use in their cartridges. "Green" is not always as green as it should be!

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