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Research & Development, Quality Control

Research and Development

Constant Innovation and Improvement

At Carolina Cartridge Systems, Inc., we know that quality is what keeps our customers coming back decade after decade - we have the independent study to prove it! When Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) change their components, formulas, chips, etc., as they so often do, our R & D department is right there sourcing and reverse engineering the changes so that we can keep giving our customers the best of both worlds: OEM quality with Reman price savings and environmental responsibility.

STMC CertificateUsing standardized testing methods determined by the STMC, our employees are trained and tested to ensure that we use proper industry standards to evaluate our toner printer cartridges' performance and give you the highest yield and the best print quality. A company that is STMC certified is one that has had their employees successfully trained by an authorized trainer in these test methods, attests to using these test methods, and has purchased the correct test equipment.

In the event that one of our customers has a problem and must return a cartridge that is not performing to our excellent standards, our R & D department autopsies every single cartridge to determine the cause of failure. With a defect rate of only .05% (that's one half of one percent) a defect is an event! Changes in procedures or suppliers are implemented and tested extensively. If we can't supply a quality cartridge, we won't sell it!

Quality Control Goes Hand in Hand with Innovation

Quality Control ManagerOnce new procedures are implemented, it is the job of our Quality Control Department to document and maintain these manufacturing standards and procedures. Awesome innovation is nothing if it can't be duplicated, taught, maintained, and scaled throughout our employees.


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