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What Does CCS's Mission Critical Status Mean for You?

Mission Critical StatusWe don't sell just any cartridge that we can get our hands on! There are four strict criteria before a CCS cartridge can be Certified Mission Critical.

  1. Quality: Our #1 criteria is that we must be able to renew the cartridges with the reliability that we require and that our customers need! OEMs change their cartridges all the time in order to make it difficult for you to have a reliable alternative to their cartridges. We maintain our 1/2 of 1 percent defect rate (better than OEM and WAY better than common remans!) by selling only the best renewed cartridges.
  2. Time Tested: We test, test, test, and then test again. Only after we have a significant track record with a cartridge can it be Certified Mission Critical. Even then, we run multiple tests on every single cartridge that we make, every single time.
  3. Availability: Of course, we need to make sure that have enough influx of cartridges (aka: cores) to meet demand. Brand new printers may use an older model cartridge that has just been given a new number (and a new price!), or they might have an entire new core so that we have to wait until empties start becoming available. When an end user returns their cartridge to the OEM manufacturer, it is usually ground up or shipped overseas for incineration. Split cartridges can only be remanufactured once. So, while our Renewal process is best for the environment, it makes core availability a strong determining factor in Mission Critical Status.
  4. IP Compliant: CCS takes the Intellectual Property rights of OEMs very seriously. We track all industry lawsuits to make sure that we only use parts and cores that do not violate the patent laws in place. Some OEM's limit which of their cores we can use, some OEMs take apart remanufactured cartridges to make sure that the parts used do not violate their patents. As printer sales decline due to higher email usage, OEMs have entire teams of scientists and engineers protecting their main sources of income!
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