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About CCS
CEO, Sharon Summers
Making Products That Make A Difference

Since 1991 we have earned our reputation by serving the most critical print applications, and by satisfying the most demanding end-users, discerning buyers, and skeptical IT teams within some of America's largest corporations.

When our competitors lowered quality standards to gain mass market share, we held steadfast to our quality principles. For over two decades, we have built an unprecedented operational system that assures exceptional quality, extensive yields, and extraordinary service. Our disciplined approach has earned CCS one of the highest end-user retention rates in the industry!

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What Makes CCS Different?

Typical remanufactured cartridges are reworked by splitting or cutting the plastic "core" in half. This destructive process compromises the integrity of the cartridges. When it is clipped or glued back together, misalignments can cause leaks and, even worse, printer damage! This, along with limited or no component replacement, leaves the cartridge at a high risk of failure.

At Carolina Cartridge Systems, we disassemble and renew each cartridge by hand. We never split the core! Our unique formulations, strict attention to detail, and world-class quality control put CCS in a class by itself.

Starting with a clean core, we replace all critical components and fill the renewed cartridge with the highest grade of toner. The results you can expect are cartridges that provide rich dark print with the clean crisp detail you require. And since core integrity is preserved, we can renew each cartridge up to four times using the same core, thus reducing the amount of waste and keeping tons of plastic our of our landfills!

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