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Return Your Empty Cartridges for Renewal

At Carolina Cartridge Systems, Inc., we want to make it easy for you to return your empty cartridges to be renewed. Because of our proprietary renewal process, we can renew each cartridge up to four times. If you were to send an empty cartridge back to its OEM source, most likely it would be ground up and recycled. We think that REUSING is even better than recycling. Even typical remanufactured cartridges can only be remanufactured once because once the cartridge has been cut in half, it cannot be remanufactured again.

To make this easy for you, CCS has partnered with UPS Authorized Return Services. This allows you to return your Empty toner cartridges, multiples at a time, with a free return service label via UPS.  

Complete the form below and your label will be generated immedately on your screen for printing and use right away. 

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